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Not many family law attorneys are well-versed in this area of family law, but our divorce and custody family law firm in Irvine has handled these cases. While a standard move away case involves a move within the United States, an international move away is one involving a move from the United States to a completely different country. This is also known as a de novo analysis. Instead, the non-custodial parent must show that the proposed move would cause detriment to the child, requiring the Court to re-evaluate the existing order.

International Move Away Child Custody Cases in Orange County, California

The analysis of such a request is similar to that of a standard domestic move away request but requires an analysis of 3 additional factors to the initial 9 factors per the case Marriage of Condon 62 Cal. These 3 additional factors include the following:. In our experience, the issue of visitation expenses is a heated topic for obvious reasons. For international travel, air travel costs are even costlier.

Child Custody Move-Away Issues - California Divorce Source

While having a mutual agreement between the parties is ideal, this may not always be possible. An in-depth financial analysis is made by the court to determine who has the means to afford such travel arrangements not only for the visiting parent but also for the child ren for extended school breaks.

However, the allocation of the responsibility as for visitation expenses needs to be clearly stated within the stipulated judgment in case of enforcement.

How to Get a Divorce in California -- California Divorce Procedures

Yes, even if the parties believe that they will not reach an agreement, they are required to attend mediation. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, then the hearing will proceed as planned.

The age s of the children and the distance of the move increase the likelihood for a custody evaluation. In international move away cases, this is more likely to be ordered as the distance is more significant than a domestic move away within the United States. These kinds of evaluations can take up to 4 to 6 months, or more.

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Click for help finding a lawyer. But it is not always clear whether a custody order is permanent or temporary, so what the law requires may be different in your case. Talk to a lawyer to make sure you understand how the law applies to your specific circumstances. If the parents have joint physical custody of the children and 1 parent does not want the child to move, the parent that wants to move with the children must show the court that the move is in the best interest of the children. If you are worried that the other parent may want to move away with your children, or if you think you may want to move away with the children, talk to a lawyer before you make a parenting plan to make sure your plan protects your rights as much as possible.

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You can make a parenting plan that takes into consideration that your children are moving away and changes the visitation so that you can still have quality time with your children. Click for help with parenting plans. Also, thanks to the Internet, there are other ways for you to stay connected to your children, not just e-mail.

You will have to look for the other parent and tell the judge everything you tried to find him or her. You should also closely look at your existing custody and visitation court order and make sure that there are no restrictions on you leaving the state or your country with the children.

If the court grants sole physical custody to one of the parents, then moving with the children is usually not an issue, unless the other parent can prove that the move will be harmful to the children in some way. If the court grants joint physical custody, then moving may become an issue.

Domestic Move Away v. International Move Away

If one of the parents wants to move with the children, they must demonstrate to the courts that the move is in the best interest of the children. If you are planning or even considering a move out-of-state or out of the region after your divorce, then you need to discuss this possibility with us before the development of a parenting plan. The Parenting plan will take in to account the desire of one of the spouses to move out of the area.

However, so is the actual parenting schedule.

Sacramento International And Interstate Custody Lawyers

When the court is reviewing the request to allow the move, they take the parenting schedule into account. The decision will include any additional time a parent has with the children through an informal agreement regardless of what the parenting schedule says. If the move is allowed, that does not mean that the other parent does not get the necessary parenting time.